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This Unique Modern Tiny House will excite new and experienced Tiny House lovers in search of something simple and easy. The house is 8 by 20 ft (2.4 by 6.1 m) and provides around 250 square feet of living space. This model features an open area that includes the kitchen and the living room, as well as a bathroom and a master bedroom. This Tiny House is designed to be placed on a trailer and its size is designed for ease of towing and to exempt it from the need for a building permit. With this downloadable design, you will be able to tweak it as needed for your own personalization if you need. 


This Modern Tiny House's unique size often doesn’t require a permit to build in most municipalities (check with your local building department). Within this small but efficient plan, we aimed to provide the builder with easy methods to achieve a high level of finish and an architectural outcome using simple and standard materials. All windows conform to standard sizes from most window manufacturers and have been sized appropriately to provide a ton of light, perfectly frame-up views while not breaking the bank.




Basic Features

Bedrooms : 1

Baths : 1

Stories: 2

Garages: 0


Dimension (original plan measurements in mm's)

Depth : 8'

Height : 10'

Width : 20'



Total : 250sq/ft

First Floor: 158 sq/ft height 10'

Second Floor: 79 sq/ft

Storage: 12sq/ft

*Total Square Footage only includes conditioned space and does not include garages, porches, bonus rooms, or decks.



Roof Framing : Truss

Roof Load : 50

Roof Type : Shingle


Exterior Wall Framing

Exterior Wall Finish : Siding

Framing : Wood - 2 x 6

Insulation : R20


Design Formats



SKP (Sketch Up)

**Open and re-design with AutoCad and SketchUp 


Cost To Build

To achieve a cabin with this high level of craftsmanship, materials, performance, and finishes we encourage all our customers to estimate between $150-200sq foot to construct this cabin (the national average for new construction is $153/sq foot). This will put this Tiny House somewhere between 22,000 and 28,800 for the entire construction.


Included in this Plan

  • Exterior elevations: Four detailed exterior elevations showing the final appearance of each side of the house.
  • Foundations: Foundation based on the average trailer size dimensions of 20 feet long, and 90 inches wide (8x20)
  • Floor Plans: A drawing of each floor of the house showing the size of the rooms and the location of windows and staircases.

StuckerInc. Modern Tiny House Plan Design Easy to Build 1 Bed 1 Bath 250s

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